How to Predict Dragon Tiger Prediction Effectively and Accurately for Bettors






How to predict dragon and tiger is currently the top 1 search keyword on Google today. Dragon tiger game is making waves in the online casino market. Therefore, to play this game well, everyone needs to know how to play, the rules of the game as well as how to predict each game. All will be New888 immediately introduces it to everyone through the article below.

Learn a bit about the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is essentially a form of betting using 52 cards. It originated in Cambodia and quickly became popular in almost all online casino halls. This game is won or lost by comparing the size of the cards. If any hand has a larger card, that hand will win.

Before we learn about How to predict dragon and tiger , everyone should also learn a little about dragon tiger online. The online Dragon Tiger game is developed based on traditional gameplay and combined with modern internet technology. Especially when players participate in online betting, the chance of winning will be higher than with traditional gameplay. Besides, there are also many vivid and realistic experiences such as participating in real life.

Synthetic The most effective and accurate way to predict dragons and tigers

If you want to win when playing the gameThis, not only need to know clearly how to play and the rules of the game. But you also need to know the most effective and accurate screening method. Next,  New88 will share with readers the following How to predict dragon and tiger Super accurate, used by all experts.

Method soi pray 1:1

The top 1 prediction method that is most used and has the highest accuracy is 1:1.For How to predict dragon and tiger  This, when the match has a dragon and a tiger appearing at the table. This is an equal ratio of dragons and tigers appearing. Therefore, this chain will appear continuously in games and can last up to 10 consecutive moves.

Furthermore, dragon and tiger bridges appear a lot in matches. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention and observe. If you see a bet with a ratio of 1:1 appear, then catch it immediately to have a chance to increase your winnings and make a lot of money.

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Way sI pray for dragon and tigerequalbridgeflat

SearchThe bet will appear if everyone sees a series of identical numbers when looking at the betting table. When players encounter these lows, the chance of winning will be very high. It is also possible to win many consecutive victories and bring in huge amounts of winnings. Therefore, experts often spread the saying “stick to the ground and live”.

Bridge tends to leanonedoor

To perform How to predict dragon and tiger  Here, you need to carefully study the results of the game. Everyone can search and track the results on the electronic board, to see the appearance of the number of dragons and tigers in previous games.

If one side has more numbers and is more likely to have the upper hand, everyone just needs to play on that side to increase their odds of winning. Players can also use the folding strategy to predict the prediction in favor of the dragon or tiger more effectively. If you have a large amount of capital to fold, start immediately, because the winning rate when folding can be up to 100%.

 How to predict dragon and tiger  by be demand

This is a quite dangerous method when people play any online betting game. To apply this strategy, everyone needs to have good observation and sharpness when participating in the match. When you see many wires appearing continuously, then there is a possibility of breakingTo bevery big. A simple explanation is that if you see dragon doors coming out consecutively, then you will definitely come out with tiger doors. Therefore, at that time, everyone watched and interrupted the bridge to win.

Dragon and tiger prediction 2:2

 How to predict dragon and tiger This 2:2 is similardirectionFrance1:1 above. If after two games the result is still the dragon door, the next two games will definitely be the tiger door. However, a 2:2 sequence will be shorter than a 1:1 sequence. Usually, on reputable Dragon Tiger playing platforms,Billionrule2:2 only appears in about 5 to 8 games.

Therefore, when you see this bridge string appear, please place your bet quickly to miss your chance to win. Besides,directionFranceThis 2:2 is very difficult to detect. However, if you see it and catch it right away, you will immediately receive a huge bonus.

There are many different methods for predicting dragon and tiger. However, it all gives players a high chance of winning. Above are the top 5 How to predict dragon and tiger  selected and introduced to everyone by  New88. I hope you will choose for yourself a satisfactory prediction method and use it to win more chances to win.