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Football corner kick odds  is one of the popular types of bets in the soccer select playground. Currently in the select market, game portal Hi 88 is among the top addresses providing this form of quality and prestige, highly appreciated by many participants. In this article we share with you information related to this type.

QuickviewAbout soccer corner kicks odds at Hi88

 Football corner kick odds or commonly known as Corners. The way to play is the same as traditional, but the only difference is playing online at the house Hi88. The special factor is that this form will have nothing to do with the final result of the match and the players playing on the field. It only statistics the total number of corner kicks in each football match.

Popular soccer corner kick odds at Hi88 

At the system Hi88 Always provide and update members with rates corner kick soccer odds Attractive everyday. Therefore, you can freely choose for yourself the types of bets depending on your preferences. Here are some of the most popular types of bets. Specifically:

Over/under odds on corner kicks

One of the most popular types and used by many players is the soccer corner kick over/under bet. Besides, kThe final prediction result will be based entirely on the total number of corners in the match. Everyone can understand how to bet on Over/Under.

Participants will bet according to the rates provided by the game portal system. The nature of this under bet means you have to bet on the total number of corners being lower than the number given by the house. On the contrary, the over bet is understood in such a way that the total number of corner kicks you bet must be higher than the bookie’s previous bet.

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 Football corner kick odds  for the whole match at Hi88

When participating in this type of bet, members will not have the opportunity to bet on over or under like above, however everyone will choose to bet on the winning team and the losing team with a handicap.

First, you need to base on the performance of each participating team to be able to make the most accurate decision. Besides, system Hi88 based on the results of that match and the match there is a correlation. In the case of matches where strong and weak teams are both on the field, but their strength is equal at this time, the system will have different odds.

Even and odd corner kick handicap

This type of bet has a fairly simple way to participate, members only need to follow the bet and pay attention to whether the number of matches is even or odd. Of course, the result is still based on the number of final kicks in that 90-minute match. In case there are an even or even number of soccer corners in both halves, that is the result you want.

You have itThere is a special reason why you should play soccer corner kicks

In the current soccer select market, soccer corner kicks are one of the forms that bring players high profits. Therefore, those who are passionate about select on this subject should not ignore this type. Here are some reasons that you should know, in detail:

Membership has a rate win high

For corner kick bets at Hi88 Then you will have a higher winning rate than other typical types such as Asian, European handicaps or score bets. Because it depends on objective factors, it is less affected by specific subjective factors such as the opponent’s strength or performance. Thanks to that, bettors will have a much higher chance of winning.

Everyone collects pussyhigh profit

When you play this form of select, you will earn high profits for yourself when you win the bet.More specifically, in important football matches, the payout rate can be up to 90% or even much higher. Therefore, if members bet on corner kicks and predict correctly, they can bring in extremely high profits.


 Football corner kick odds is one of the popular forms of select in this king sport. We have compiled some of the popular odds offered by game portals Hi88 provided to players. Hope the above content is beneficial to everyone.